SGI Inspections

We are an accredited SGI Inspection Station in the Parkland area. We can perform inspections from 1 ton trucks up to class 8 trucks, as well as light trailers & semi trailers. With our many years experience, we can help keep your equipment in premium shape to prevent unnecessary down time on your road to success. With the ever changing vehicle regulations, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have, at any time.

We do also provide our own basic* inspections for many in-province vehicles to give you peace of mind on your truck or trailer and will prevent downtime in your peak season. Even though all farm trucks only require a sticker to cross a border, they still can be inspected by the DOT on a roadside inspection, subject to the same regulations / penalties as a commercial vehicle. We will always provide a list from the basic* inspection, we will make recommendations, but ultimately it is up to you, the customer to decide what you would like to repair. Whether we perform the repairs or you do them at home, there is simply no pressure.

*Basic inspections are not eligible to receive any form of SGI PMVI sticker. Only full SGI inspections will receive a sticker when all repairs are made to SGI regulations.