Custom Maintenance Programs

Custom Maintenance Programs

Contact us to hear about the maintenance programs that we can provide, specifically for you. We can tailor a package to fit your budget or your equipment to help prevent any future down time. If you have a low use truck or trailer, see how we can have one of our experienced technicians check it over. We will provide a list of concerns / defects, then YOU decide what you would like repaired, absolutely no commitment required! This inspection starts at $84.95 and up.

Wheel Alignment


Proper wheel alignment allows you to achieve the maximum amount of life out of your tires and reduce driver fatigue. We perform a vehicle inspection to make sure all components are tight to ensure the adjustments are made correctly the first time. We always align the complete vehicle, not just an axle to ensure everything is running true. Call us today to book your alignment! 

Complete Brake Service

We offer complete brake servicing for all your air brake requirements. We mainly specialize in Drum Brakes, however Air Disc Brakes are commonly entering the market place and we will soon be servicing those as well. We have a large selection of valves, shoes, drums , brake pots and all the components that go along with them at competitive prices.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Service

With every A/C service we do, we take the time to visually inspect as well as pressure check every system to find any potential leaks or possible system failure in the future. We use Robinair equipment to test, recover and recharge the systems to factory spec to maximize the efficiency of your Air Conditioning. See us about adding Cab Filters for those dusty / dirty applications and reduce plugging of your HVAC system. 

Lighting/Electrical Repairs

We can upgrade or repair lighting systems on most brands of Trucks & Trailers. We stock a large amount of incandescent and LED lighting from the most popular brands in the industry, such as Grote, Trucklite, Jetco with access to many others.

Electronic Engine Diagnostics & Repair

We offer a limited service of Electronic Diagnostics in our shop and currently have Diagnostic Software from almost all OEM’s that is available to us in the aftermarket. This enable us to trouble shoot issues or simply change parameters to your needs. Software we currently have...  Read More

SGI Inspection Station

We are an accredited SGI Inspection Station in the Parkland area. We can perform inspections from 1 ton trucks up to class 8 trucks, as well as light trailers & semi trailers. With our many years experience, we can help keep your equipment in premium shape to prevent unnecessary down time on your road to success. With the ever changing vehicle regulations, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have, at any time.

We do also provide our own basic* inspections for many in-province vehicles to give you peace of mind on your truck or trailer and will prevent downtime in your peak season.. Read More

All Powertrain Repairs

We can perform all of your Driveline & Powertrain repairs / diagnostics from 3 ton trucks and up. Backed by an industry leading supplier from Edmonton, we have access to many product lines at some of the most competitive prices around. Just like our rebuilder, we use all genuine parts and components in all our repairs to ensure you the longevity of your powertrain. From transmissions to differentials and everything in between... Read More